1. Presenting a series of new works in print and paint from Vinnie Nylon.

    Fear of a crack planet further explores the world of madvertising, media saturation and the public’s love-hate relationship with celebrity.
    Following on from his successful solo show Poptimism and group show sales at Stolen Space, Vinnie continues to straddle the dual worlds of graffiti and low brow pop art, adding to an impressive client list which includes a recent Penguin classics book cover.
    In this ongoing saga dug from the crates of his plastic wonderland, an army of mascots are pitted against each other in the visually jarring. Obese Michelin man is armed with a giant donut while a crow takes a baseball bat to a crack pipe and all sprinkled with a monsoon of candy coloured soda pop drops.
    Meet the googly eyed art weapons KeefBob and Lenny Crackfix luring you in for a bag of pop porn and space dust!
    Step inside for what will be “just one more hit”

    Watch this space for Vinnie Nylon’s up and coming show at Hoults yard Newcastle, it’s going to be a trip!

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